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Welcome to The Syndicate

The San Diego Syndicate – WSOP Qualifier Series

The Syndicate was formed by a group of friends/poker players who wanted to send a representative to the WSOP Main Event.  There were ten events that first season culminating with Chris Gregg going to the Main Event in the summer of 2006.  The Syndicate is now in its 13th consecutive season and is still going strong.  Last season we sent 3 players to the Main Event and 9 others to $1,500 tournaments.  Since this is Lucky Season 13 we know that our players are going to go deeeeeep next summer at the WSOP!

Here’s how it works

We run a 16-tournament series where cash and points are awarded every time you play. At each event 50% of the cash is awarded to that night's winners and the remaining 50% is saved toward our year-end prizes. At the end of the season your top 12 scores are totaled and the winners get to play in the WSOP Main Event!

We also award entries into lower buy-in tournaments, usually at $1,500 buy-ins, for our runners up and even more seats are awarded in an end of the season playoff event. Then, when our players cash in the WSOP they keep 50% of their winnings and the Syndicate shares (and distributes) the other 50%. Everyone who plays in a tournament gets one share in the Syndicate for each event they enter*.

For the 2017 World Series, The Syndicate had three grand prize winners who each won a $10,000 seat to the WSOP Main Event; another six players earned guaranteed $1,500 seats and another four $1,500 seats were awarded in our playoff tournament.  Just like last season here is how our WSOP seats are awarded: 1st and 2nd place will receive Main Event prize packages; places 3 through 8 will receive $1,500 tournament entries; and four more $1,500 seats will be awarded in our playoff.  Then players 3 – 8 plus the playoff winners will play in a bonus tournament to determine our final Main Event winner.

Here are some highlights:

·         We take only a player’s top 12 finishes in points over the course of the season to determine the winner.

·         The top two champions of the series win a $10,000 entry into the Main Event.

·         The next top finishers (projected to be places 3 – 8) receive guaranteed WSOP seats ranging from $1,500 to $2,500.

·         The top 18 players that did not receive a “guaranteed seat” will compete for additional $1,500 seats in our playoff tournament.

·         The Guaranteed Seat winners plus the Playoff winners will then play a single table tournament with the winner earning a $10,000 Main Event seat.  This is called our “Bonus Tournament”.

·         Players can earn bonus points & playoff chips just by participating - check the full rules for more details.

·         We hold four Major tournaments that feature deeper starting stacks and bonus playoff chips.

·         We hold two special tournaments that emulate day 2 of the WSOP Monster Stack event and day 4 of the WSOP Main Event.

*  In order to qualify for the distribution of WSOP earnings a player must play in a minimum of 5 events.

** All prizes are based upon the amount the Syndicate saves and the tournaments offered by the WSOP. Be sure to check the full rules as well as our structure page for more information and all the details.

Latest News:
Saturday February 10

Season XIII – Event 11 The streak is over! After seven runners-up finishes since his last victory back in season 7, MC once again sat in the captain's chair!  MC had a healthy stack for much of the night, and was one of the chip leaders with sixteen players left, when he got a nice boost to his stack when Jonkey decided to bluff off his stack in an ill-advised play.  Then at the final table he got another big chip-up when he called an all-in by Alan with 77.  Alan showed JJ but the board ran out giving MC a straight!   Chad continued his strong season in 2nd place last night, followed by Rene, Craig, Alan and Patsy – all in the money.


The Final Table

1 MC
2 Chad
3 Rene
4 Craig
5 Alan
6 Patsy
7 Kyle
8 Joey
9 Farid
10 Don C

The Leaderboard:  With his 5th place finish last night, Alan extended his already considerable lead over the field.  Keith was out early but still has a firm grip on 2nd place.  With his win MC moved from 6thplace up to 3rd, which knocked Jonkey down into 4th place. Chad also moved up several places and is now in a tie with Jacob for 5th place.  

Coming Up:   Our next event is Sunday, Feb. 25th at 1PM.  This is a Major Deep Stack tourney with a 30k starting stack.  The buy-in is $150 ($140 + $10). 


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Upcoming Events:
Event 12 Sun Feb 25 1:00PM Major
Event 13 Sun Mar 18 1:00PM Deep Stack
Event 14 Sat Apr 14 2:00 PM Re-Entry
Event 15 Sat Apr 21 2:00PM Day 4 Main Event
Event 16 Sun May 6 1:00PM Major

Click HERE for the full Season Schedule
Current Rankings:

1 Alan 485
2 Keith 415
3 MC 380
4 Jonkey 330
5 Jacob 315
5 Chad 315
7 Don B 290
8 Craig 275
9 Wizard 275
10 Michael 240

Click HERE to see the Complete Results

Saturday February 3

Season XIII – Event 10 Apparently the warm tropical climate, awesome food, and  buenas olas of Costa Rica suited Keith just fine as he has now won his second tourney of the season.  Keith snuck on to the final table with a modest stack and then won all-in after all-in.  Basically if Keith had an over his opponent was toast.  In 2nd place was Matt H, followed by Michael, Stan Diego, Jill, Brad and Don.


The Final Table

1 Keith
2 Matt H
3 Michael
4 Stan Diego
5 Jill
6 Brad
7 Don B
8 Linn
9 Rowan
10 Paul H

The Leaderboard: Ten tournament in and we already have three double winners: Keith, Alan and Jacob.  And of course they are all near the top of the leaderboard. Alan blanked this time but still holds 1stplace.  Keith, with his victory, moved into sole possession of 2nd – just 25 point behind.  After that is Jonkey, Jacob, Don B, MC and Dana in order.  Michael also made a big move to get into the guaranteed seat section.

Sunday January 13

Season XIII – Event 9 So far Alan is the only Syndicator to purchase our cool new shirt in yellow.  He seems to think it brings him luck – as if he’s the leader of the Tour de France.  I thought he was being silly.  I was wrong.  In 2nd place was Monte, with his second final table in just five appearances this season.  In 3rd place was Don C with his best result of the season.  He was followed by Michael, with this third FT and then Jacob and Jonkey – each with four final tables.


The Final Table

1 Alan
2 Monte
3 Don C
4 Michael
5 Jacob
6 Jonkey
7 Juan
8 Don B
9 Paul H
10 Matt B

The Leaderboard: Alan already had a healthy lead on the pack and now he’s extended it dramatically.  With his second win of the season Alan now has a 125 point lead on the next closest player.  Speaking of that, the next closest player is actually three players as Keith, Jonkey and Jacob are all tied for 2nd place.  Behind them is MC in 5th, Dana and Don B are tied for 6th, and Chad holds 8th place.  Craigy is our current bubble-boy.

Sunday January 7

Season XIII – Event 6 Back in season 10 Jonkey and Dana played heads-up for the first time.  There were 915,000 chips in play and The Wizard had about 15,000 of them.  That meant that Jonkey had 98.36% of the chips in play.  Keithy and Craigy were both there as dealer/shufflers and they witnessed Dana completely obliterate Jonkey to come back from less than one big blind to victory.   Now almost three years later the two foes faced off for just the second them ever.  And again Jonkey had a huge advantage as heads-up play started.  This time Dana had more than one blind but probably only had about 15% of the chips in play.  So naturally he liked his chances!  Dana chipped up a little early and then shoved over a raise by the Jonkey.  The commish made the call, lost, and then matched the Wiz’s stack (AK vs K9). Now Dana had about 40% of the chips and it was game on!  Finally, after 66 minutes of heads-up play, Dana, who had given back much of his stack to a (surprisingly) patient Jonkey  shoved with KQ and ran into AK.  An Ace landed on the flop and Jonkey declared the curse lifted!!  This was Jonkey’s 10th Syndicate victory and it was made all the more surprizing by the fact that with 13 players remaining, at the 2500/5000 level, he only had 4,500 chips remaining.  Jonkey hung on to get to the final table and then went on a HEATER.  By the time Jonkey cracked Anders’ AA with QQ (Q on the river!) to knock Anders out in 8th, Jonkey was the chip leader.


In 3rd place, with his third final table in the last five events, was Craig.  In  4th, with his third final table IN A ROW – was Don B.  In 5th place, in just her second Syndicate tournament, was Rowan.  MC and Mark Ross rounded out our money winners in 6th and 7th place respectively.


The Final Table

1 Jonkey
2 The Wizard
3 Craig
4 Don B
5 Rowan
6 MC
7 Mark Ross
8 Anders
9 Gary B
10 Jill

The Leaderboard:
 We are now at the half-way point of the season and Alan still has a solid lead - though it looks like a breakaway group of Jonkey, Dana, Gary B and Don B have tried to breakaway from the peloton to attack the leaders.  Alan and Keith still hold the lead with 325 and 300 points respectively and MC and Jonkey have moved ahead of Jacob to take the 3rd and 4th spots.  Jacob is now 5 points back in 5th,while Dana has moved up to 6th place.  Chad hold 7th by himself, while Don B and Craig are tied for the 8th and final guaranteed spot.

Saturday December 2

Season XIII – Event 8 This season it seems to be all about Alan Alan Alan (say it in a Brady bunch “Marcia Marcia Marcia” voice!).  He’s played in six events and final tabled five of them, including a 2nd place earlier in the season and win on Saturday night. 


With two tables left Alan got his AA cracked by Jon Towers to get down to just 10 BB’s.  But he held on to steadily grow his stack until this hand came along:  with four players remaining at the 5k/10k/1k level it folded to Alan on the button.  He had about 450k and he raised to 25k.  Matt B, who had about 250k, defended from the BB.  The flop came KJT-rb.  Matt checked and Alan checked behind.  The turn brought an A.  Matt checked, Alan bet 25k and got a quick call.  The river was a 7 and Matt checked again.  Now Alan bets 75k and Matt insta-calls showing KJ.  Alan turned over 98 to take down a big late-tourney pot with a rivered straight.


Matt was out soon after that when he open-shoved for 10bb with 65s.  Alan made the call with A2o (he had about 600k at the time).  Matt flopped flush and straight draws but couldn’t improve and went out in 4th place.  Soon after that Keith open-shoved for about 10bb but ran into Alan’s KK.  That left MC to challenge Alan with about a 450k to 1.2m disadvantage.  MC pulled even with Alan after not too long but then bled back down to about 400k.  The final hand occurred at the 10k/20k/1k level when Alan raised to 50k and MC shoved – Alan turned over QQ and MC showed A5s.  MC didn’t improve and finished as the bridesmaid for the sixth time while Alan notched his fourth syndicate victory.


The Final Table

1 Alan
2 MC
3 Keith
4 Matt B
5 Don B
6 Gary B
7 Kevin
8 Scott D
9 Michael
10 Eddie O


The Leaderboard: With 9 final tables between them, Alan (1st place ) and Keith (2nd place) are putting some space between themselves and the rest of the field.  Jacob, who busted without points this week dropped down to 3rd place, while MC moved up into 4th place.  Chad, Gary B, and Wendi hold places 5-7 and there is a 3-way tie for 8th between Dana, Jonkey and Don B.

Coming Up:   Our next event is Sunday, January 7th at 1:00PM.  This is the makeup date for event #6 from earlier in the season.  This is a re-entry tournament with a 20k starting stack.  You can re-enter through the end of level 6.  A surrender option is available at that time as well.  The buy-in is $150 ($140 + $10).

SCHEDULE UPDATE:  we need to change two of the dates for the second half of the season.  Please check the updated schedule. I apologize if this conflicts with anyone’s plans.

Sunday November 12

Season XIII – Event 7:  Jacob had A LOT of chips for most of the tournament and managed to overcame severe damage to his ears from listening to Thursday and Thrice at full volume to win his second tournament of season.  Really, he just had a ridiculous amount (see how I used that word Anthony?) of chips for the entire night. By the time he was heads-up with Don B. he had a 5-1 advantage in chips.  Don really dug in and improved to at least 4.9 to 1.1 in chips before going all in with A2 and running into the AQ of Jacob.  In 3rd place was Mark Ross, followed by Stan Diego, Steffan and Farid to round out our money winners.


The Final Table

1 Jacob
2 Don B
3 Mark Ross
4 Stan Diego
5 Steffan
6 Farid
7 Steve P
8 Wendi
9 Monte
10 Anders


The Leaderboard: With his second win of the season, Jacob took over first place and now has 245 points.  He’s followed by Keith, who came in 11th place this week, with 225 points and Alan, who is now in 3rd place, with 215 points.  Behind them we have Chad, Wendi, the Wizard, Jonkey, Craigy and MC in the running for the guaranteed seats.

Coming Up:   Our next event is Saturday December 2 at 2PM. This is a Major Deep-Stack tournament with a 30k starting stack.  The buy-in for this tourney is $150 ($140 +$10).

Saturday October 21

Season XIII – Event 5:  So it finally happened – a final three of Chad, Keith and Jonkey!  When 3-handed play began Keith and Jonkey had about the same sized stacks with Chad trailing, though still healthy.  The tide turned though when this play happened:  Keith raised from the button, Jonkey called and Chad folded.  The flop came 983hh.  Jonkey checked, Keith bet and Jonkey called.  The turn was a K.  Check, bet, call.  The river was a black 10.  Now Jonkey leads out with a sizeable bet.  Keith thinks for some time before calling, saying “I think you were on a flush draw”, and showing 77.  Jonkey turned over 56hh for busted flush and straight draws.  This gave Keith a huge lead and his stack was never in danger again.  This win was Keith’s first since back in season 8 and his fourth overall – so he was definitely due a victory!!


The Final Table

1 Keith
2 Chad
3 Jonkey
4 Spork
5 Joy
6 Alan
7 Anders
8 Scott B
9 Craig
10 Jeff B


The Leaderboard: With his FOURTH final table in a row Alan kept his position in 1st place overall. Chad and Keith moved up the board from 4th and 11th respectively to sit in a tie for 2nd just 5 points behind Alan.  60 points behind them are Jonkey and Wizard in a tie for 4th place.  Jacob is right behind them in 6th and MC and Craig are tied for our final guaranteed slot.   

Coming Up:   Our next event is Sunday November 12th at 1pm. This is a special tournament the emulates the beginning of Day-4 of the Main Event and features an 800,000 chip starting stack and 35 minute blinds.  Play begins at the 4000/8000/1000 level. The buy-in for this tourney is $150 ($140 +$10).

Remember – the event previously scheduled for November 4th has been postponed and will be included in our 2nd half schedule.  

Saturday October 14

Season XIII – Event 4:  We all know the story of a chip and a chair – and this isn’t quite that dramatic – but it’s pretty close!  Last weekend’s winner - everyone’s favorite chemist, Kelly Sprankle - was down to one big blind with only two tables remaining and rose from the ashes to claim his first ever Syndicate victory.  Congratulations Kelly on your victory!  In second place was Craig, followed by Anthony, Keith and Michael.


The Final Table

1 Kelly
2 Craig
3 Anthony
4 Keith
5 Michael
6 Jill
7 Alan
8 Jeff B
9 Scott
10 New Craig

The Leaderboard: With his third final table in a row Alan has now moved into 1st place overall. That dropped The Wizard (who had an uncharacteristically early exit this tourney) down into 2nd place.  Jacob, who had trouble getting points this event – because he didn’t play in it – is now in 3rd place.  He is followed



Season XIII – Event 3:  Congratulations to our own human Jon Snow chip, Chad Mothe’, on his victory in Event #4 of Lucky Season 13!  He overcame great adversity after being up and down all night and barely surviving several close all-in situations.  Actually, your reporter busted out, went to the cash game, and then left early so he has no idea what really happened.  Though it has been reported by many who did stay that Chad’s hair looked awesome all the way to the end of the tournament.  This victory also moved Chad up into a tie for second most Syndicate wins – with 9 now.  He is now even with Jonkey (it clearly helps to play all 13 seasons!) and they are both two behind our revered founder, Mark Antis.


The Final Table

1 Chad
2 Alan
3 Mark S
4 Scott D
5 Wendi
6 Jamie
7 Don C
8 MC
9 Anthony
10 Jacob


The Leaderboard: The leaderboard is finally starting to take shape this season – though for sure no one is running away with it so far.  Of course the Wizard (Dana) is at the top along with Jacob.  They are followed closely by MC and Alan, with Paul R, Gary B, and Goldilocks – I mean Chad – right behind them.

Coming Up:   Our next event is Saturday, October 14th at 2pm.  This is a MAJOR Deep Stack tournament with a 30,000 chip starting stack.  The buy-in for this event is $150 ($140 + $10). 

Sunday September 17

Season XIII – Event 2:  We had another tournament!  This event, the 221st regular season tourney in Syndicate history, was won by Gary B.  This was Gary’s first win since back in season 9 when he went on to earn a Syndicate Main Event seat.  In 2nd place was the freshly coifed MC.  This was the 21st final table in MC’s Syndicate career and in that span he has managed five runner up finishes.  That’s a pretty high 2nd place/final table ratio!  In 3rd place was Kevin H, followed by Jim H, Jonkey, The Wizard (aka Dana – really, imagine him with long white hair, a lustrous beard and a staff!), Alan and Keith to round out our eight money winners.


The Final Table

1 Gary B
2 MC
3 Kevin H
4 Jim H
5 Jonkey
6 Dana
7 Alan
8 Keith
9 Paul R
10 Jeff B




The Leaderboard: We had four players make it into the points in both events this season: Dana, Jonkey, Paul R and Matthew.  The rest received their first points of the season.  The good news in that for everyone else is that so far no one is running away with anything so far.

Coming Up:   Our next event is Saturday, September 30th at 2pm.  This is a special Monster Stack Day-2 Tourney with a 120k starting stack with 35 minute blinds starting at 600-1200.  The buy-in is $140 ($130 + $10). 

Sunday August 27

Season XIII – Event 1:  From this moment forward this season is now officially named “Lucky Season 13”!  For example, if I am talking to a friend who says “hey John, what season is your poker group on?”, I will answer, “we are on Lucky Season 13”!  Season 12 was fantastic  - and not just because I came in first place (though I really liked that part of it!).  It was rewarding to see that after a dozen years this group is still sticking together.  As a poker club not only did we have nearly full attendance for the season (we averaged over 48 players per event with a 50 player max) but we traveled in force to Vegas and had a great time and came really close to having some of our players break through and go really deep.  And not only did we have about 23 players in the Monster Stack, we had a record 9 members in the Main Event!!  It was especially fun to see players like Matthew and Dana on the TV table and to cheer for the rest of our players.  In addition to being part of a fun poker group, many of us have become very good friends away from the table and I think that’s a big part of what keeps this whole thing together.  But as good as all that is, the one thing we are missing is a deeeeeeeep run at the WSOP.  So, this is it.  Lucky Season 13.  We’re serious this time!!


The Final Table

1 Jacob
2 Paul R
3 Dana
4 Wendi
5 Jeff
6 Matt B
7 Tom S
8 Eddie O
9 David Rimi
10 Matt H


The Leaderboard: Since this is the first event the leaderboard is the same as the final table!!

Coming Up:   Our next event is Sunday, September 17th at 1pm.  This is a re-entry tournament with a 20k starting stack.  You can re-enter through the end of level 6.  A surrender option is available at that time as well.  The buy-in is $140 ($130 + $10). 

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